A lemon can help you from all kind of disease

A lemon can help you from all kind of disease . most of us not concern about health until we hospitalized, so today i am going to tell you about lemon juice benefit , and how regularly drink that.
for example you need a lemon normal size and cut into 3 pieces , one piece use today and keep rest two for next two days. take a glass with 200 ml water make sure water is warm and squeeze lemon mix well with water and drink it take your time.
Now what is the benefit of that? it will clean your body inside the nerve spoiled liquid , and will boost kidney  activity. and will help circulation of your blood. so do not wait for long try it from tomorrow and lead a healthy life
1. Salad, make sure your salad has portion of lemon
2. Rice, White rice in a bowl and squeeze a piece of lemon mix well, after that add what you want have with it
3 LEMON JUICE  many of us like to drink juice but we most of the time do not care about healthy juice, so lemon juice can be the best choice for you

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