Dear Malaysia! This post is only visible to you.

Dear Malaysia!

This post is only visible to you.

I didn't really make many Malaysia videos because I can't come visit - but I always see Malaysia in the top list of 4 countries watching my videos. So I know you guys follow, which makes me happy.

I want to invite you, if you're interested, to a meetup I'm hosting in Singapore tomorrow. It's open for everyone. It's a fun picnic by the gardens. We'll meet in person, talk about you, Nas Daily, and we'll make a nice video together (you know how it is!!) and upload it to Facebook.

If you're interested, and can make it over, I'd love to see you tomorrow. If not, then see you in person around the world!

Event details:

Nas Daily Meetup
Singapore Botanical Gardens
Eco Lake (by the MRT entrance to the Gardens)
4 - 6 PM
This Saturday (tomorrow).

Thanks for watching my videos. I super appreciate it.

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