Today I am a bank manager

I have reached to my destination two more days left to celebrate my 35th birth day. I was born in a extended family me and my 6 others  siblings are in my family.My father was a day Labour, my two older brother used to work with father and two sister was married which can be called child marriage. Rest of siblings used to stay with my mother she was only a house wife. I was only school going, as my father was Unable to support my study cost,one of our neighbour uncle agreed to pay my school tution fees but condition is I have to work his goat farm  besides my study.
Was happy because I no need drop out school I can continue my school. Since I was child my dream was to become a banker. I was thinking bank got money if i become banker I can support my mother and my family.I finished my high school here but it was untold suffering while study and working together in a goat farm. I leave my village to a city for higher education purpose and got admitted a College I took finance subject.But this time i was much smart i could support tuition fees while partime working and i got 50% tuition fees scholarship after first semester result. I finished my degree and apply for a bank, in my interview they reviewed my resume and study background. After one week I got email my application Was accepted and start job as junior staff. After ten years working  I became a Branch manager. What I learn from my life,?  if you want success you need patients.                                                                                     

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