Convert to Islam

My name is Peter, and I  became a Muslim almost 2 years ago, since I became Muslim I
have found peace.  I wasn't sure about converting at first until, my Muslim student asked me to read the holy Koran,  and when doing so I couldn't put it down,  I had not idea how it would grab a hold of me and change my life, for the better.  If it wasn't for my student Sohail, who asked me to give it a chance I wouldn't have found the peace that I have found now.  Not only did I find peace but got an entire new loving family that have adopted me as one of their own, my name is now Mohammad Syed and I am a proud Muslim.  In the last two years things have changed in many ways, since I
became a Muslim not only a wonderful new family given to me, but inner peace thanks to Allah, but the most of all I am able to speak the prayers in Arabic.  I owe all this to my loving student, who became my brother Sohail, may you rest for ever in paradise my little brother and thank you and I love, for showing me the light and helping me to find peace. -
May Allah bless you in abundance. #Ameen

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