Samsung charged 6 million usd for fake advertising

Samsung charged 6 million usd for fake advertising    

About 6 million usd compensation  cases have been filed against Samsung phones by
alleging false advertisements are made. The case was filed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The chairman of this commission, Rod Simms, said that Samsung has shown in their Galaxy smartphone that phones can be used under any water, even under sea or swimming pool water. This information is not true at all. Samsung has shown on their Galaxy smartphones that they can be used for at least 30 minutes in depth of 5 feet of water.

But in reality, most of the tests in Australia have dropped it.
However, Samsung said in a statement that they will deal with the SCC's court by the court and will remain on their own advertising.

If the charges of 'Australian Competition and Consumer Commission' prove to be true, then the South Korean firm may count the fine of 10 million Australian dollars (equivalent to Tk 60 million in Bangladeshi money).

Note that according to Zaar analyst Canalis, Samsung has sold 4million smartphones in the year 2018.

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