The couple made the dessert into green Forest by 20 years

The couple made the dessert  into green Forest by 20 years

There was dry dead land and Gradually the land filled with greenery. The whole jungle became a paradise to see.  There is a similar incident that happened in reality, though it was a story. A Brazilian couple, named as the Instituto Tera, in Brazil's Cheetle, have formed green forests. Which today addresses various species of wildlife.

The Brazilian couple will be inspired by the story of the jungle transplant that was destroyed by the painting artist Sebastiao Salgado and his wife, Lelea deluize Wanik Salgado, for a long time of 20 years.

The famous Brazilian painter is in a childhood near the forest, but later on to various places of the world. After many years, they were frustrated to see the dry land in the wild forest area.
But how dense green forest was completely lost? Sebastia also said that their families are very responsible for this. Because of family and financial reasons, his father cut down most of the trees in the area. Sebastia also decides to cover the "sin". This is the start of the marvelous journey of this couple's forest transplant.

In an interview with the British daily The Guardian, Sebastia said, "Everything in the land was destroyed. There were only 0.5
percent of the trees on the land. After that, when I and my wife imagined a copy of the forest, and started working, insects, birds and fish began to return.

The couple established a small organization called 'Instituto Tera'. Through this organization, they planted about 400k of trees.
Sebastia also said, "The resurrection of the forest must be necessary to keep the environment healthy and beautiful. But in order to build the wild environment where wild animals can come back again, along with the common trees, it is necessary to plant the seeds of wild plants. '

For the last 20 years, Sebastia and his wife, Layela Deluge, took care of this place. Now in this jungle there are 172 species of birds, 33 types of mammals, 293 species of plants and 15 species of reptiles. Sebastiano and his wife, Layela deluj, took care of this place.

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